Monday, February 13, 2006

Intrinergy Renewable Energy AudioBlog By Matthew Markee

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Anonymous said...

I just found the following article from today's, 15 February 2006, Wall Street Journal. "Renewable Energy Projects Drawing Increasing Interest From Investors
Investors are starting to put more of their money into alternative energy, especially wind-fueled projects, the New York Times reported today. Over the next few years, the $7-billion invested in renewable energy projects in 2005 should increase by 25 percent a year, according to Michael T. Eckhart, president of the American Council on Renewable Energy.

GE is a leading player in this investment game, creating a new unit (Energy Financial Services) to focus on renewables projects. GE financiers plan to work with engineers to evaluate potential investments. Renewable energy projects account for $1 billion of business already in an $11-billion portfolio. On the industrial side, GE expects that in five years, alternative energy products will account for more than a quarter of energy equipment revenue.

Other companies also are showing interest. In November, Goldman Sachs committed to investing $1 billion in renewable energy. Lucas van Praag, a Goldman spokesman, was quoted as saying that it is "well on its way" to achieving that. J.P. Morgan Chase has said it will invest more than $250 million in wind-energy projects.

So far, wind is the most popular area for investment in the renewables sector. Wrote the Times: "Industry supporters see President Bush's [State of the Union] speech as sending a new signal that might favor some of the more exotic energy sources, though." Eckhart was quoted as saying: "Now that the president has put the power of the bully pulpit behind ethanol, a lot of conservative people who thought biofuels were silly will view them as a mainstream investment."

The Wall Street Journal today reported that the other major renewables sector * solar * is getting increased attention. Wrote the Journal: "Investment bank First Albany hosts a conference today in New York on solar power. Next week, almost two dozen companies are scheduled to attend a Piper Jaffray symposium on the subject. Jesse Pichel, an analyst for the securities firm, says as many as seven solar companies could offer shares to the public for the first time this year."

Added the Journal: "Alternative energy follows countless futuristic fads, including gene therapy, e-tailing and nanotechnology. With energy prices rocketing, it was inevitable that Wall Street would latch onto companies offering technological solutions to our country's oil addiction, as the president diagnosed the symptoms in his annual speech Jan. 31. These investors' hearts warmed as Mr. Bush endorsed increased government spending on emerging energy alternatives."

New York Times , Wall Street Journal , Feb. 15."